Cisco Prime LAN management Solution Description

Want to manage, monitor and control the LAN and routed WAN network? CiscoWorks, cisco prime LAN management solution (LMS)is the best option to go with, having the comprehensive support for routers,catalysts,ASA and ME series devices.

With the two main suites LMS and RWAN, it is easily manageable with the comprehensive dashboard which shows the overall information of the organization. It gives us the security parameters implementation settings to prevent unauthorized access, provides features to manage security while operating in single-server and multi-server modes.With the help of Cisco Prime LMS server console, we can manage processes, backups, update licensees,gather information and managing jobs and resources in very easy steps .It can manage group of devices, the most common groups are Fault Group which supports 50 groups, IPSLA Collector Group supports 100 groups and Port and Module Group supports 100 groups, It utilizes application service adapter (ASA) to evaluate group rules to retrieve devices of a particular group. User Tracking is the main objective of LMS ,CiscoWorks helps us in a better way to locate and track the end hosts on our network to troubleshoot and analyze connectivity issues . it help us in managing compliance and audit issues with its sophisticated notification and action settings regarding SNMP tarp messages including central repository configuration , inventory and software management system settings.CiscoWorks’s job browser is also very important feature which shows the status of admin jobs, assigned jobs role for individual user or group of users on LMS applications, such as job scheduling for NetConfig, Config Editor, Archive Management, and Software Management to perform their tasks.

Concluding the features, it is established based on top to bottom network management approach. This approach starts at the application layer and moves towards the network. It help network administrators to segregate the issue quickly and find problems that creating disturbance at the service and application delivery.

Cisco Prime Collaboration

Cisco Prime Collaboration

It should be noted that there is a difference between CiscoWorks LMS and Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI), Cisco Prime infrastructure offers planning, configuration, availability, performance monitoring, and necessary troubleshooting of wireless and wired networks. Cisco Prime is a one package solution for LAN, Wireless, and WAN technology. Whereas LMS provides the simplification of the Cisco wired networks in terms of configuration, compliance, monitoring, troubleshooting, and administration.


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