Different Motion sensors explained

Get rid of wired lights to save energy , making  the environment intelligent , with no issue of installation as well, it’s now possible after the evolution of wireless sensors and their operating standards.

Wireless motion-sensing lights turns on immediately whenever it detects motion and ideally it can feel motion detection from as far as 10-20 feet away with a of field of motion recognition, with having AUTO-OFF capability , when motion is no longer detected to save energy and cost , operable through normal AA batteries.

How it Works!

Explaining the motion sensing Lights is simply the picking up of the slightly changed behavior (unfamiliar movement) with in the defined range. As it detects any movement it geton to monitororprotect from any potential threat.

We can operate Motion sensor lights with any one of the following sensor types:

Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR)

The most common sensor type, it works with the emitting of infrared energy by human body temperature,detects infrared wavelengths through movements. The operating mechanism behind this is that every entity having temperature ( >absolute zero ) emits heat energy in the form of radiation which is invisible to human eye because it radiates at infrared wavelengths, but can be identified by electronic devices , sensors is being designed to use this energy to serve humanity .

The human body emits many different form of energy

The human body emits many different form of energy

As PIR devices do not generate energy, they only use it the emitted energy from entities, we termed it as “Passive”. Furthermore, it don’t detect or measure “heat”; in fact they only detect the infrared radiation emitted or reflected from the entity. PIR produces protective “grid.” Basis of single entity movement, if the object moves frequently it will block multiple grid zones changing infrared energy levels quickly,causing tripping of sensors.

Active Infrared Sensors:

Unlike passive, active sensors linked with light detector (LED can be used as light detector), designed to produce signals that are connected to a light detector, pick up the movement when the light beam gets interrupted. Active infrared sensors emits continuous electrical signal that uses infrared light or heat beams connectedwith light detector.

MircoWave (MW):


Microwave sensors such as Radar, RF or Doppler sensors, used to detect movement in an outdoor environmentused to cover a larger area as compared to infrared sensors, but they are weakand more expensive.


Dual Technology Motion Detectors

Combination of microwave and Passive sensors, used to eliminate false alarms as it needs both movement & heat energy to generate an alarm which increase efficiency.


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