From Radio Waves to Wireless Metropolitan area

Radio communication systems introduced  early in 1900’s when first amplitude modulation (AM) system for voice and video has been developed after a series of experiments done successfully on Wireless technology started in the mid-1800.

Now-a-days we have been utilizing wireless application protocols (WAP) to implement large applications including wireless sensor networks (WSN) for ubiquitous computing.

A Traffic Control System Application based on WSN

A Traffic Control System Application based on WSN

A Traffic Control System Application based on WSN


Before explaining wireless applications, let’s have a look on types of wireless technologies first:

  • Ad hoc Networks – used for short time to share data – example is Bluetooth.
  • Cellular – used for Voice and Data through hand phones – examples are mobile and PDAs.
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) – for the determination of dimensions or position including velocity – example is IGS (International GNSS service).
  • Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) – legacy network but wireless – examples are NCR’s WaveLAN
  • Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) – devices have capabilities to sense using sensors in it – Example is wireless metropolitan area networks (WMAN)

In fact Wireless network are now dominating the world with their unlimited applications including internet access in rural areas and application access from anywhere anytime wirelessly, or in the form of smart cities. Here we are mentioning specific examples on Wireless Network Applications to elaborate further regarding advancement in using wireless network technology:

  1. Bluetooth application sender – Through it, we can send installed apps through Bluetooth using native Bluetooth file transfer application.
  2. GPS meteorology is a GPS application to determine the effect information (low, moderate etc.) of the atmosphere based on propagation of the GPS radio signals.
  3. Wireless Personal Area Network, called as WPAN – based on Zigbee standards and with wireless motes,physiological monitoring systems have been deployed in clinics and hospitals.
  4. Wireless Body Area Network, called as WBAN– it is a development in medical technology with low-power IC based monitoring devices. The devices having intelligent sensors is basically patients wearable, which can transmit vital signs to PDA, laptop or cellphone (shown as personal server in diagram)

    WirelWireless Body Area Networkess Body Area Network

    Wireless Body Area Network

  5. Control of mobile robots – A mobile robotics application utilizing WLAN, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software components and protocols can produce a controlling platform for co-operative robotics.

    Controlling Mobile robots illustration

    Controlling Mobile robots illustration


Despite of above mention specific Wireless network applications , Wireless technology is doing their best in creating ubiquitous network to serve humanity , connecting the systems and devices and producing amazing results in the form of 4G networks , surveillance systems or improve human utilities .


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