Wireless Management with software explained

Every organization want to keep its network infrastructure up and running in a sophisticated and comprehensive way. To achieve this, they need sophisticated network management tools


Wireless Network Management Software

Wireless Network Management Software

Talking about network management, from legacy to today’s sophisticated and comprehensive networks even having with the evolution of wave-1 and wave-2 wireless devices, the network management basics are composed of only two aspects, one is Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) and other is Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). We utilize ICMP to control the network as it provide the information about network , used to send error messages without carrying application data .ICMP helps us to keep informed about the host status , network congestion and latency . SNMP, is basically works with management information base (MIB) to keep aware about the devices and servers over the network. Network management systems (NMS) utilizes SNMP trap to allow a network device. SNMP gets data from device after query the device with the help of NMS.

As wireless network is growing speedily, administrators may need to split it into smaller logical (network) groups to assign their subordinates for proper management. So, they need Management software which can have all information, including name, MAC, serial number, IP, firmware version, into a centralized location for monitoring and management. This is important and necessary for quick search capabilities and inventory management. Every part of the logical network should be monitored individually with predefined tracking constraints, based on SNMP values. Dashboard is also very much important as it save a lot of time, provides alerts in real time. Incident, problem and resolution management system in software must have capability to   notify via email to administrators and management, keeping the track record.

Following are few wireless network monitoring and management software:

  • SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) helps to easily manage wireless, thin, and autonomous access points and their associated clients. With this, we can manage alerts, reports, for Aruba, Cisco, Ruckus, Motorola, and Meru Networks.Solarwind success story is the deployment in Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC).
  • Ligowave is the windows and Linux based WNMS , its new version have 3rd party devices support using SWEAP (SNMP to WNMS External Agent/Proxy) functionality with Mobile support as well .
  • Hive Manager is a NMS for configuration and monitoring of wireless devices, comprises complete controller-less and mobility-optimized access system.
  • Cisco Wireless Control system (WCS) is most all-inclusive management platform for life cycle management of enterprise-class wireless networks.


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