Illustration of standards with WSNs applications explained

Imagine the feelers (antennae) of cockroach which it uses to analyze the sense of smell, taste, touch, thermal, and humidity senses.

Having the same analyzing phenomenon from insects, Wireless Sensor networks facilitate the collection of diverse types of data including temperature, humidity, light intensity and sound, at frequent intervals, even multiple times per second and over large areas which generates corresponding data signal. The data are then sent through the WSN gateway to the controller for processing. The controller manages and controls the sensing data flow with in the communication network.

A Developed Wireless Sensors System

A Developed Wireless Sensors System

WSN application standards

Data cleansing

As WSNs produces massive raw data, it is important to develop techniques which can convert this raw data into functional knowledge, i.e. there must be a mechanism to interpret data smartly and form it as informative data, which can be use able, obviously it is possible by developing new interference techniques.

System management

 As sensors which initializes themselves in self-organizing manner and communicate with every other node in range and synchronizes with each other clocks , the battery of one sensor can weaken and synchronization may break , a mechanism should be there for time synchronization especially , which is possible through   clock synchronization Protocols for WSNs such as post-facto synchronization by Elson and Estrin


As sensor have small capacitors, security attacks is a major problem which should be addressed as almost all devices communicated wirelessly including gateway. A fundamental problem that must be solved in WSN is dealing with security attacks, mostly by two types Denial of service (DoS) and attack of information in transit.


The ubiquitous computing (based on WSNs) concept is to serve humanity but can create a lot privacy issues, so there must be privacy policies should be defined for system.


Control standards should be defined to keep WSNs up and running, by defining standards such as ZigBee, we can have better controlling WSN system

WSN Practical Implementations 

A Wildfire Tracking application using Software agent

A Wildfire Tracking application using Software agent

Another interesting WSN application is “BioBots“ ;Influenced with the insects feeler mechanism, field biologists and ecologists are working over on allowing insects to “observe the unobservable” through the use of wireless sensor networks., Scientists Show Off ‘Biobots’ that will use for research & Rescue purposes

tiny lightweight microchipto

tiny lightweight microchipto

Above diagram shows cockroach equipped with tiny lightweight microchipto help search for earthquake survivors and to monitor in the buildings and other tight spaces while crawling.

Berkeley team have developed a wireless sensor network that could be dropped from Aerial Vehicle to record traffic patterns and report the results back to the Vehicle.


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