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Personal, Private and Public cloud storage providers

The first and important thing which must we have to keep in our minds that either selecting the public or private cloud solution, the Data center tier requirement should comply with following:

Tier Level 1 comprises of Single non-redundant capability to serve IT equipment;estimated availability is 99.671%
Tier Level 2 comprises of redundant capability having availability up to 99.741%
Tier Level 3 usually have multiple delivery path for IT equipment conveniences with redundant power, availability is 99.982%
Tier Level 4 is a full functional armed with HVAC systems with almost complete redundancy and fault tolerant systems, maximum availability is 99.995%

Selecting Cloud Storage Providers

While choosing the best cloud storage provider is a one point objective having base is only one that the provider must be able to meet our specific requirements ensuing with the amount of space we need.

Following are the best free cloud storage solutions for everyone:

which is best free cloud storage solutions

Along with the above mention free cloud providers in diagram following are some more:

  • Copy provides 15GB of cloud storage with unlimited of file size we can upload , having features including 30 day file revision history ,30 day file recovery, Sync desktop file and Mobile app access facility .
  • Syncplicity is a unique public cloud storage with Support for Active Directory sync using OneLogin, Ping Identity and Okta with the provision of 10GB free storage limit.
  • Apple users can have the best option of iCloudthat can connect with Apple devices to store photos, documents, apps, notes, and contacts, provides 5GB of Free cloud storage.

Whereas Blackbaze  provides unlimited data backup for just $5/month. It is important to mention here that Sugar Sync is a backup and access mechanism works using existing folder directory structure.

Personal Cloud

A personal cloud is nothing except a network-attached storage (NAS) device-based cloud,i.e a person can manage storage capacity with the ease of scalability and reliability with the utmost capability of rapidly provisioned to users as a service.

Here’s a list of top personal cloud provider

  • Justcloud– Simple, Fast and with unlimited access .backups all documents, photos, music videos etc. automatically.
  • Seagate personal cloud used to Access movies, music and photos anytime from anywhere.
  • WD My Cloud EX2is a dual bay NAS server for backup everything.

Private Cloud

The idea behind the private cloud concept or virtualization of physical servers is simply the delivery of “IT as a service” to establish a best model to minimize organization’s major challenges. Implementation of Private clouds reduces the operational costs. Now-a-days, the one of the most efficient way to implement virtualization technique is Docker.

Some of private cloud examples are Amazon VPC , VMware , openstack , redhat cloud , Microsoft System center Hyper-V and cisco Private cloud .


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