Implementing Zigbee Network

ZigBee architecture, model and implementing challenges

We can achieve unique advantages with the implementation of ZigBee wireless applications. Now-a-days, businesses are using ZigBee as IoT standards to deliver cost effective and smart solutions in many areas including smart home electronic device control, energy management and increase efficiency, home or commercial building automation or industrial plant management as well as meter-reading System. Many more important advantages we can have with ZigBee network implementation making low cost and with less power consumption smart IoT model.Based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard, ZigBee is a protocol to standardized IoT implementations.

Network of Patient’s Monitoring Devices Using Zigbee

The important is to keep it in mind that either we are implementing the network solution for smart home or in a large enterprise capacity, the ZigBee technology requires a comprehensive study of its architecture and operation,infrastructure design options at the chip and module level, with the practical implications relation consideration to specific application needs.

ZigBee Stack Architecture

With the help of ZigBee devices i.e coordinators, routers and end device, all nodes can send and receive data with their specific roles. The main advantages of ZigBee includes open standard i.e. interoperability between vendors,lower cost and firmware upgradation over-the-air.

End Device passes throughmultiple routers to reach a gateway functioning as a coordinator

But Zigbee network can go weak because of environmental factors such as climate , i.e. in case of strong storm, the network signal could be worse that can shake network stability . talking about Zigbee network in case of indoor application such as smart home, although we can get rid of the climate factor, but we couldn’t neglect the influence of obstacle or other Wi-Fi enabled signals such as 3G or 4G which can also cause interference , that  can decrease the ZigBee signals. In order to overcome these issues, coordinators and increasing number of sensors can help us.


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