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With more than 1500 Companies worldwide, IoT changing our lives in every aspect. After the advancement in semiconductor industry, the idea behind Internet of Things turns into reality with the networking of physical objects by means of embedded sensors, actuators, and other “Things” that can collect or transmit information about the objects .IoT market means to make people life smart through IT; achieving this, optimize the IT services to perform faster and make things able to “talk” with each other with smart sensing technologies.

We are listing here a few of the leading companies who are making the IoT market idea into a reality. These companies are providing us a civilized user’s society who wish to upgrade their life style through technology.

IFTTT – “DO Recipes and IF Recipes”

IFTTT provides us a platform to control over the products and apps, the apps which are available for iOS and Android integrates Internet-enabled devices,i.e.user (even non-developers) can write recipes to set their own standard.

DO Recipes and IF Recipes

DO Recipes and IF Recipes

There are if or then recipes for making colour-coded weather alerts on Philips Hue bulbs,the Spotify Channel make easy to discover the every moment’s new music forany internet-enabled physical device such as smart phone, laptop , tablet etc.. similarly the pre-made recipe for The Deezer Channel lets us listen music anywhere anytime through exploring over 35 million music tracks on internet-enabled devices, Keeping all music track in one place and we can have our entire library everywhere.and even with automated life sweepstakes , we can schedule our daily routine life tasks smartly . 

Samsung – Making Life better

Samsung is being working for next-generation wear ables to make our life easy and smart by introducing heap of smart appliances that have best sensing technologies,for example now refrigerators can message us whenever the door has been left open, vacuum cleaners based on robotics now can be controllable through smartwatch, Galaxy Note or by iPhone.

Samsung wearable device that uses brainwave

Samsung wearable device that uses brainwave

Spark – Wi-Fi for everything

Spark is the creator of a tiny Wi-Fi development board. With Arduino compatibility, Wi-Fi enabled and ARM Cortex M3. Developers can work remotely(wireless programming in cloud platform) to modify their products and build their applications through REST API to make fast creations for Internet of Things companies.These boards are basically breadboards used to connect sensors, controllers, and other hardware without a soldering iron.

Spark Design


Microsoft – Business transformation by connecting people, process and assets

Powering-up the Azure’s IoT services,Microsoft looking forward in a big way, announcing free licensing for the devices with screens smaller than 9 inches and a new accelerator. Microsoft’s aim to start home automation in a smart way by Inviting users to let Windows span their desktops, phones, and embedded devices, the company announced Azure Cloud services for processing data from embedded devices and a version of Windows for Intel’s Galileo processing board for IoT devices.

Microsoft Azure IoT Security and Architecture explained

Tesla Motors – Cars with Wi-Fi

Tesla introducing cars model onto the Internet of Things with AT&T by providing wireless connectivity, used for remote diagnostics, remotely honk the horn, up-to-date maps and entertainment.

Intel – Platform for functions virtualization

Intel is moving with the evolvement of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology with the consortium with Samsung, Dell and others. Intel chips is now helping companies to deploy and securing smart devices. The company offers a few new IoT software and hardware for making life simpler for developers.

Kickstarter– help bring creative projects to life

Kickstarter has carried millions of dollars of funding and numerous consumer watches on Internet-enabled household devices—including toothbrushes, cooking pots, lightbulbs, and even lawn sprinklers. “Kickstarter is where people come to see where the future is going,” says John Dimatos, the company’s lead for design and tech partnerships.

Smart Transportation– Joint venture projectof Microsoft ,Telent and CGI

Smart transportation system in London with smart devices, run on a Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Services as backend, installing by telecom firm Telent underground and sensors developedby CGI.,make an  integrated cloud-connect sensors with a central control center to monitor and aggregate sensor data ( HVAC Systems ,video systems etc. ) from across the tube system

ARM & THUNDER SOFT – Joint Venture to step forward 

Recent innovation on internet of Things companies is the joint venture of ARM and Thunder soft to establish the ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator in driving the Chinese IoT industry forward.Mutual effort provides software and hardware components, system-level artifact development services and the entire ARM ecosystem support.

ARM Step towards IoT market

ARM Step towards IoT market


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