Motion sensor working mechanism

Types of Sensor explained

We can have a lot of security parameters to secure our living home to keep calm , it includes security barriers , lock systems , CCTV installations , but now-a-days , in a sensing technologies evolution era ,  we have much more than before , security parameters deployment is so easy and simple that was never before , now if you need to secure your home smartly with low cost and less installation steps , you should think about motion detectors or wireless motion sensor lights.

We want to highlight the working mechanism of active sensors and passive infrared sensors. Beam sensors, ultrasonic sensors, tomographic and photoelectric sensors also uses the infrared (IR) mechanisms. Indeed, with the help of these sensors we can achieve a good security alarm (or incident detection) management system along with the APIs in support of sensing equipment for the android or IPhone mobiles.    Motion sensors can send alert to your mobile device if case of any unusual event occurs, can trigger a doorbell when someone approaches on the door, can send alert messages to restrict the kids’ movement or wrong actions. The important is motion sensor can save energy consumption.

Types of Sensor explained

The working phenomenon of active sensors is particularly on sound waves but they can inject energy such as light, microwaves or sound energy into the environment to detect any type of movement or we can say incident change of some kind.  Whereas passive sensors works over infrared (IR) energy, i.e.heat movement detection, the detection is based on the fact that every object having temperature above optimum zero emits heat energy in the form of radiation. The sensors which sense heat energy undergo with a process named pyroelectricity to generate electrical energy from heat energy, the named as passive is because they have not their own source of energy they use human being’s heat energy to perform.

(R)Active and (L) Passive Infrared Sensor working mechanism

Now-a-Days motion sensing lights using pyroelectric sensor in motion sensor lights or beam lights. With the capacity of sensors to trigger only with certain levels of IR heat to avoid them from going off in the presence of ants, birds or small animals.


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