Network Surveillance Systems

Surveillance; controlling the physical access

Network Surveillance Systems

To observe people and assets action and their interaction with others is called surveillance. Generally speaking, this is possible only with video surveillance cameras.Our objective here to discuss network surveillance system, which can be define in wider range. In network surveillance systems, we usually don’t even monitoring or observing people or assets behavior, their communication or their interaction, it is a system where we can keep track and record along with event linking and analytics.

Video Content Analysis

VCA is basically an Analytics design systems integration program using captured video, either it from IP Video cameras or analog cameras. Developers usually create application to collect useful data through data mining, making a scalable analysis methods for finding useful models from massive amounts of data.Along with, Advanced Network surveillance Systems can analyze itself as well by using comprehensive applications.As mentioned above, the VCA capable software should cover following major analysis parameters;

  • Motion Detection
  • Object Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Tamper detection
Theme behind the analysis parameters, i.e. Motion, Object, Face and camera tampering detection

Functional Specification should have following features The architecture of this application should base on components or engines. Below are the list of possible components of this application.

Surveillance Systems


Apps Engine Purpose should cover the following:

  • Source Reader – video read engine either from Camera or video file like .avi or .mpeg
  • Image processor –to prepare video or image for defining parameter
  • Parameter Rule implementer – to implement parameter rules and produceactions
  • Event tracker – to receive, mark and track the video from start to end actions
  • Alert engine – to generate alarm, or email / SMS the actions
  • Event keeper – to store the complete action(series of events) in the database for the audit compliance.


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