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Why use online storage, free cloud providers described

Around two decade before we use to write down our important information, documents, meeting agendas and appointments in diary or note book, but with the involvement  of computing technology we have started to write these information on Word Pad and start putting our documents on PC  , and calendaring options is being used to remember meetings or appointments . A great breakthrough in computing technology came with the development of cloud computing. Now-a-days every person have large volume of data in the form of Word documents, images, videos, music, movies, and so on. To access this data from everywhere anytime was being a critical issue along with its management,storage,archiving, and security and sharing,now resolved by means of public cloud storage or online storage.

 To sync files from your personal computer , tablet or laptops without to perform any additional steps is the significant benefit of online storage ; putting files and important data over public cloud can save cost to purchase terabytes HDDs to store data in-house with the security of our data as well from any type of lost . Data accessibility, sharing and collaboration is much more easy with online cloud storage as this save time to toggle files and data, it prevent us to take necessary steps to update with latest patches of security as cloud providers has systems with up-to-date security features . Recovery is also a robust feature of online storage as in either case, we can recover our data in zero downtime.

Public and Private Clouds can be interact through Internet Easily

Selecting a public cloud provider is our objective here as we should choose a provider who can meet our unique requirements and work.

Following are the best free cloud storage solutions for everyone:

  • With Microsoft OneDrive , we can get 15 GB for free including Office Online
  • Google Drive also offers 15 GB of free online storage to keep photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos or anything.
  • Copy provides 15GB of cloud storage with unlimited of file size we can upload , having features including 30 day file revision history ,30 day file recovery, Sync desktop file and Mobile app access facility .
  • Syncplicity is good public cloud storage with  Support for Active Directory sync using OneLogin, Ping Identity and Okta , provides 10GB of free storage

For Apple users , iCloud connects Apple devices to store photos, documents, apps, notes, and contacts , provides 5GB of Free cloud storage


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