Point to Point Wireless

P2P networks, its usage and vendors

Transmitting the data with the connectivity of Point to Point wireless devices having maximum reliability and security even in the toughest conditions is called P2P wireless networks. The implementation of this definition through solution is possible with the fixing of cost-effective having high-throughput wireless bridges, routers and extenders.

Point to point wireless means to connect two sites making a network having line of Sight (LoS). This network can be operated with licensed or unlicensed radio frequencies having sped which can vary from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps (after the release of wave-2 enabled devices having 802.11 ac standards).

Point to Point and Point to Multi Point Communication

Having the point to multi point connectivity scenarios we can connect two or more building with one single point of connectivity,after the releasing of beam forming technology we can implement now connectivity solutions having speed up to 10 Gbps full duplex. The most important thing to consider with point to point wireless connectivity is the 99.99% availability, we must have to consider the devices and implementer (vendor) who can provide most reliable connectivity to operate not only in line of sight but it must be robust enough to connect in harshest conditions. Wireless solutions can be implementable in a very short period of time as compared to other solutions, such as fiber connectivity etc. with the upmost benefit of cost –effective as compare to leased line or fiber connectivity.

Wireless Usage

  1. Wireless Point-to-point are often used in telecom sector and IT sector for reliable and secure networks. Using with telecom sector, point-to-point wireless links usually deployed to backhaul cellular base stations. However, with the extensive deployment of sensors and license-free devices, we can have long-range point-to-point wireless links which are being used more often.
  2. In rural areas, the provision of internet with the wireless point-to- point is cheaper and very much cost effective because there is interference not a significant concern.
  3. Deployment of CCTV is a significant wireless application, keeping in view the security and public safety projects, point-to-point outdoor wireless connections for surveillance systems is a mainly deployed wireless point-to-point usage . Streaming videos that comes from outdoor field cameras are collected using wireless network to a central location, usually located on a high end (i.e.over a building). Via this central location, all streaming are transmitted over an outdoor wireless link to the centralized monitoring control room.

Here we are mentioning some vendors which are providing robust P2P solutions:

Ubiquiti – Point-to-Point solutions that provides wide range of Point-to-Point wireless networking solutions which include Ubiquiti airFiber, Ubiquiti airMax powerbridge & nanostations, airMax rocket & rocket titanium, Ubiquiti TOUGH Cable. Using MIMO protocols, Ubiquiti’s Innerfeed and AirMax technologies designed to create simple, powerful and robust wireless unit, having capability 100+Mbps Point-to-Point throughput with range up to 30km+.


EnGenius – EnGenius, along with the Neutron series WLAN solutions; solutions designed with high-power transmitters and extremely sensitive receivers to maximize coverage in large areas. Having high power output up to 600mW and increased radio sensitivity allowing to cover large area with lower cost and less equipment.


Mimosa – Commissioning with a comprehensive wireless connectivity strategy, using synchronized Massive MIMO and intelligent spectrum technology, Mimosa transports unique advancements to every layer of the Internet access network, making wireless a robust solution.



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