Tri-Band MU-MIMO Gigabit Router

Built-in with XStream architecture, the Archer C5400 assemble with a dedicated processor for each band to manage Wi-Fi traffic, alongwith 1.4GHz dual-core CPU to deal with specific tasks.

It also serves with Multiple user – Multiple input and multiple output (MU-MIMO)  technology up to four devices at a time results reducing wait time, increasing Wi-Fi throughput  and making each stream more efficient.

It is an upgraded model of the C5400, coming with sophisticated and comprehensive features that may  be very helpful for those who have a multiple Wi-Fi enabled gadgets such as Amazon Echos and Li-Fi .

Experiencing the speed so far on Wi-Fi performance ,  with 5GHz & with no obstacle , the router can go on DL 74.3 & UL 18.2 Mbps Within 5 feet/1.52 meters distance and  DL 74.3 & UL 18.2 Mbps Within 13 feet/3.96 meters and with  three plaster walls it goes up to 74.2 and 17.9 Mbps respectively . Similarly  with 2.4GHz and with no obstacle ,it  is 66.8 & 17.1 Mbps Within 5 feet/1.52 meters Within 13 feet/3.96 meters with three plaster walls it goes upto 62.5 & 17.1 Mbps . the coverage area of Archer C5400 V2 is about 4000 Sq.Ft .

The major features of the device are :

  1. Powered by Trend Micro, every connected device is protected with more than 100,000 new security threats every day.
  2. Equiped with NitroQAMTM (1024QAM) which boosts speed on all Wi-Fi bands by 25% significantly .
  3. Network Security maintained by the deployment of guest Network ,by creating a separate network for friends and visitors ·
  4. With the Access Control List provision, we can establish a whitelist or blacklist to allow or restrict certain device users to access the Internet ·
  5. To ensure safety, speed and security for everyone in your network , we can configure VPN Server with PPTP VPN and OpenVPN supported. Supported encryptions for Secure Network are WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK encryptions to provide active protection against security threats.
  6. Like netgear orbi , it also works with Alexa for voice control .


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