What is 802.11ac

Latest IEEE802.11 Standard with products

Advancement of 802.11n is 802.11ac, established to attain sophisticated and comprehensive performance level that can work with Gigabit Ethernet networking to transfer data quickly and maintain high class of QoS as well.

IEEE 802.11 Standards

Latest wireless technology having capability to transmit Gbps, 802.11ac will provide much more amazing functionalities as compare to 802.11 n.Along with its significant increased speed rate, it can work with existing standards such as b,g and n.
Is it making Wi-Fi Faster?

As it works like beam making spectrum to throw wireless signals equally in all directions, due to this specific feature, the Wi-Fi devices comes with Wave-2 technology, strengthens the signal in their directions. 802.11ac allows for up to eight spatial streams, 802.11n offered four. 802.11 ac Wave 2 is the extension of 802.11ac wireless which utilizes MU-MIMO (Multi user-Multiple input multiple output) technology to increase speeds from 3.47 Gbps(802.11ac standard) to 6.93 Gbps( 802.11ac Wave 2 standard).

With 802.11ac Wave-2 standards, organizations can doa lot to achieve fastest and reliable wireless communication goal that can have provision to support a wide range of applications without comprising the network performance.

IEEE 802.11ac developed it to offerbest performance, reduce interference, and experience with high speed as compared to 802.11n, vendors like Intel, Qualcomm, Cisco, Realtek, Marvell, Broadcom and Samsung are making Wave-2 enabled products with far-reaching network expertise.

A Cisco Study

Cisco Study Showing Wave-1 and Wave-2 Projection

Cisco have following comprehensive 802.11ac Solutions which fulfils business requirements with maximum security.

  • Cisco High Density Experience (HDX) – provides scalability and better coverage.
    • Wave 2 802.11ac equipment (Aironet 1850)- works with pure beam forming technology that can save cost.

A Fortinet Study:

Client Association, distance from Access Points

Forti AP 221c – Having 802.11ac technology provision with association rate of up to 1.3 Gbps.

Deep Application Control –with the offerof Wireless Multimedia Extensions (WME) we can have deep

Layer 7 inspection in FortiAPto control specific applications and manage bandwidth usage


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