ZigBee Sensors

Introduction and deployment ZigBee

Have you ever consider the waggle dance of honey bees after their return to the beehive, ZigBee sensors are the practical implementation of that dance.

It is superb to have IoT standard with ZigBee,a suite that allows to control the life through inter-connectivity of simple and smart THINGS(Devices), either in the form of Wireless personal area network (WPAN) or wireless local area network (WLAN) using wireless sensors. ZigBee suite has been established to monitor and control applications that uses in the fields of Industrial, scientific and medical to automate the processes such as building automation or personal health care.

Implementer’s must have ample information about this standard before configuration and inter-connecting IoT devices  , as now more than 1,000 ZigBee products have been certified to become a technology for Smart Home systems having powerful features and security protocols, this article focuses on the need and deployment scenarios of ZigBee .

A smart Home System with ZigBee modules

This standard is approved by IEEE as 802.15.4 standard. Along withthe physical (PHY) and Medium Access Control (MAC) layers,ZigBee adds on two more layers called as Network (NWK) and application (APL) layer , known as ZigBee stack.

ZigBee has been designed to communicate in between devices that have ZigBee sensors, making the practical scenario of Internet of Things. For example, with Glydea ZigBee Plug-In Module,we can communicate with all ZigBee controls including hand-held remotes, in-wall controls and PC controls, similarly as ZigBee also provides application level standards for device functionality and interoperability, means it’s network approach allows us to automate home with a various range of potential applications which includes Lighting, heating and cooling, shades, blinds and curtains along with robust home security systems.

ZigBee Milestones:

Radiation Sensor Board has been approved to use battery to read radiation levels and send the information using ZigBee.

Formation of Prevention and Control Radiation Sensor Network Using hundreds of sensor devices

Above diagram shows a formation of Prevention and Control Radiation Sensor Network Using hundreds of sensor devices which stores data in an internet DB using ZigBee GW.

Another success story is need to be mention here is the recently launching of Google’s new smart home hub called as “OnHub”, google states it as “new way to Wi-Fi.”. It utilizes ZigBee following with Thread and weaves as well.


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